For general release 4/4/2001


EveryMD's New E-Mail to Fax Service Provides Millions of Consumers Online Access to their Doctor's Offices

Beverly Hills, CA, April 4, 2001.  EveryMD.com has launched a new online messaging service free to both patients and doctors that allows patients to send e-mail messages to their doctors' offices immediately. The patent-pending service, called the "Doctor E-Mailer", converts patients' e-mail messages to faxes and delivers them directly to the doctor's office's fax machine. As a result, patients can communicate online without needing to know their doctor's e-mail address and regardless of whether or not their doctor is already online.

EveryMD's "Doctor E-Mailer" service makes e-mail communication with a doctor's office an immediate reality for millions on online users. Patients can now communicate with their doctor's office in the way most convenient for patients, using e-mail. With EveryMD, patients no longer need to wait until office hours or interrupt their own busy schedules to call. They can request appointments and prescription refills via e-mail from anywhere, at any time.

To use the "Doctor E-mailer" service, a patient goes to the EveryMD.com website and enters the name, city and state for his/her doctor. The patient is presented with easy-to-use e-mail templates for either requesting an appointment or requesting a prescription refill. The patient fills in identifying information and clicks "send." That's it. Patients are not required to register with EveryMD service, do not need to provide sensitive medical information, and do not need to create and update an online medical profile or history.

In contrast to other Web-based patient/physician messaging systems, EveryMD's Doctor E-Mailer service does not require doctors to pay for anything, adopt a new, complex online computer system, fill out forms or do anything else to activate the service. Instead, EveryMD takes advantage of a communication device that is already used daily by the vast majority of practicing doctors. Doctors receive e-mails in the way most convenient for doctors and their staffs, via their office fax machines.

To implement its service, EveryMD is establishing a unique doctorname@everymd.com e-mail address and www.doctorname.everymd.com website containing basic doctor information for each licensed doctor in the United States. So far, e-mail addresses and websites have been created for over 80% of all US doctors with fax machines.

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